SWAC COVID Protocols

To the clients of SWAC-

Shandon-Wood Animal Clinic has been here for our clients for over 40 years, and we are here for you now. In order to ensure that we continue to be here for you, we will need to protect the safety of both our employees and clients. To that end, we are making a few modifications to our work processes. Beginning Thursday, March 19, the following procedures will apply:

For clients arriving for an appointment, surgery, boarding or medical drop off, please park in the parking lot on the left side of the clinic and call 803-254-9257 to let us know you are here. A medical team member will come to your car and retrieve your pet. Please be mindful of social distancing and safety during this process.

During your appointment, please remain in your car and a doctor or medical team member will call you for history and again for exam findings/recommendations.

A medical team member will bring your animal back to the car after the appointment. At this point, we would ask that you please call 803-254-9257 to make payment or give payment to the team member. Please be aware a phone call for payment is the safer option.

If your pet is staying for a surgery, the doctor will call after the surgery, go over any discharge instructions, and schedule a pick-up time for you. Prior to pick-up, a team member will call for payment. At pick up, please call to let us know you are in the parking lot to the left of the clinic, and we will bring your pet to you.

If you pet requires hospitalization, we ask that you refrain from visiting during this time. We realize that is a difficult request, but it is needed in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you have medication to be picked up, please call us when you arrive- again we ask that you park in the parking lot to the left of the clinic. We will bring medications out to you. If you could call ahead with payment, that will make the process even smoother.

For boarding, please park to the left of the clinic, call and a team member will come out to get your pet(s). When picking up, call to let us know when you are in the parking lot and we will bring your pets to you. Please be aware it will expedite the pick-up process if you are able to call and pay prior to pickup.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we make these changes. Some things will work well, while others will need to be tweaked. This is a fluid situation, and we will continue to improve and modify the changes as needed.

Thank you and stay safe!