Surgical Services

Vet examining dog
We offer a well-equipped surgical suite, with laser surgery, laparoscopy, endoscopy, otoscopy, and advanced monitoring. We also offer dental radiography, scaling, and polishing with a high-speed hand piece for safe extraction of teeth as needed.

Striving to use balanced, modern anesthetic protocols to maximize our patients' safety, intravenous catheters and fluids are used to maintain our patients' blood pressure during anesthesia. This minimizes both immediate and long-term stress on the body. Analgesic agents are used to manage our patients' postoperative pain and ensure the most comfortable recovery possible.

Diagnostic Services

Vet performing ultrasound on dog
For your convenience, Shandon-Wood Animal Clinic is fully equipped to perform most blood work in-house, as well as many cytological preparations and cultures.

Doctors work closely with outside laboratories to obtain more advanced blood and tissue studies as needed. We also offer radiology and ultrasound to complement the doctor's skills, allowing non-invasive or minimally invasive diagnostic procedures in many cases.


Technician handing over the dog to owner
We recommend that a doctor examine all patients twice yearly. Patients are carefully evaluated for health and lifestyle risk factors before vaccinations are administered.

Our vaccination protocol is in line with the most recent evidence-based medicine to ensure our patients are vaccinated with exactly what they need, when they need it. We emphasize preventative, progressive medicine, and consider this ideal for animals of all ages.

Boarding Services

Technician holding dog
In the boarding facility, for our canine guests we offer indoor climate controlled runs where our guests are hand walked twice a day to an outdoor enclosed exercise area. This is to allow our guests the comfort of the fresh air as well as to discourage any break down of house training during their stay.

Our feline guests are offered the opportunity to stay with us at Shandon-Wood in a designated feline only boarding room, or offered the opportunity to stay next door at our "cat condos" in our sister clinic, Columbia Cat Clinic. Any guest with special-needs is given medication or monitored by the doctor as required, so clients with geriatric or ill pets need not worry while out of town. All boarders are required to be appropriately vaccinated, and a current vaccination history is kept on record for everyone's safety. Each guest receives personal attention from the staff daily, and the boarding suites are kept clean and maintained throughout their stay.